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Anonymous inquires :ive found some accounts on instagram that reposted ur edits and claiming your edits as theirs. are u ok with this?

of course not… i honestly didnt even know people posted edits on instagram OTL do you mind linking me?

luhan + pink hair // for channiehim

pastel hunhan for anon! 
Anonymous inquires :could you pretty please make a pastelish graphic of taemin and kai? thank you i just loooove your graphics ^^

sure anon, i’m not really taking requests right now but i’ll make you an exception. It may be a little while though before i can make it~


oh dorkhun
Anonymous inquires :what kind of psds do you use for your graphics?the colouring is always so perfect and i seriously need some help. thank you in advance and i'm sorry if i'm bothering you

i use this pastel psd that i downloaded months ago! i would link you to it  but i literally have no idea where or who i downloaded it from OTL but i’d suggest searching through tumblr for pastel psds because there is a ton of pretty ones! Also I normally use 2 pastel psds at once and change the opacities to my liking.  I’ve been thinking about making my own to post so i may try to do that soon. But thanks for the sweet comment anon! Sorry i couldn’t be much help :/

luhan graphic for lullaby13

Hello!~ I haven’t done a follow forever in, well, forever—so after some requesting i’m throwing together a little follow forever! This is just a chunk of some of my favorite blogs and folks who i love and adore, people who make my dashboard all the more beautiful and hilarious! So yeah, nothing exciting, just thank you for being here and making the world a beautiful place~! Now, i follow almost 5000 blogs, so if you aren’t on this don’t be discouraged, i’m mostly just too lazy to type everything in. So, yeah! Thank you thank you thank you for being beautiful and amazing people, and i hope i’ll stop being stupid and shy and start talking to you all more often! (If Uni doesn’t destroy me first). Everyone should follow these bloggers, they won’t disappoint you i promise~! 
  ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆ I love you guys to the exo planet and back  ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆
☆= Very important bloggers! 
☆Jongdaesbigdick ☆suhotness ☆kaicecream dohdoro ☆byeolks banhsoo Joomyun amazitao yifantasia sehoen flwrboy jpglay sedults  wubulge pohroro daenso ☆chnbeau kyungsol glitteringlygayzitao
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lukaiwaiian inquires :This is such a cute idea! I'd like to thank everyone for making tumblr so amazing, but especially deerest-emmie, doresque, hwandy, homilks, seundays, wubulge, kyungmint, derpingwithexo, arigataou and suhornie ^^ Sorry that's a lot of people but I just love everyone so much haha ~


deerest-emmie / doresque / hwandy / homilks / seundays / wubulge / kyungmint / derpingwithexo / arigataou / suhornie