even the purest angel can refuse paradise if his love burns in hell.

kyungsoo!editeu ft. angels ; for dohdoro poopie
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exo through the ages via laptops→ overdose era


selu; asked by peturpans
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It's been a while and I'm still alone.
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overdose —

OHSEHX’s first MINI follow forever (only senpais aka people & blogs I really adore )

Okay, so since my followers count is getting bigger I decided to make a first follow forever to throw my love at you and beCAUSE I WANT EVERYONE TO SEE HOW PERFECT PEOPLE I FOLLOW. And you all: thank you for keeping my dash beautiful everyday. Thank you for not shouting at me because of my biases spam and thank you for being so perfect that I’m crying at nights because I want to be as perfect & lovely as you. I’ve met so many amazing people on Tumblr and I’m so happy because even if I don’t know you, you are closer to me than people I know in real life. So thank you once again. I’d like to hug you all, but I can’t, so just know that right now I’m squishing my computer /throw kisses/. And yes, you’re all my senpais and I’m in love with your blogs, so congratulations TT TT I wish we could talk more~

So stay perfect, beautiful, amazing, lovely, gorgerous & strong. Stay yourself because Tumblr people are the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.

Since there isn’t many blogs, I’m going to do one list in alphabetical order. 
I love you ~~

amazitao baexlo chnhun dazzlingkai dokyugnsoo doushitae dyooso emperori hunho hyunter kaiumi keimun keyvictim luhanova luhanr overdoseu ozhn sahun sedults sehuge sehundertow sehunskin sehwu vtamins wubulge xiaohanlu zelu ztaoz

this is sedults’ 2nd follow forever! senpai LOOK AT ME!ahh omg you guys, i cannot even express what i feel right now because like i reached my goal of followers on tumblr and i would just like to thank all my followers for following me? a sorta crappy blog lol ((I DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY I HAVE THIS MANY FOLLOWERs??)) haha thank you guys for occasionally sending me mail and making me smile :’—) you guys probably don’t know this but those letters make my day 100% better. thank you so much like x10000000 mhmmm.
I would also like to thank tea-lairs for letting me use her incredible piece of art for my follow forever! (THANK YOU SENPAI!!♡)  everybodyy go and follow this amazing blog right here thanks ~ 
like not even a week ago, i started posting my graphics and a lot of you guys have said so many nice things about them! i will post a whole lot more in the future, you guys keep me going lOL : ) btwww CHRISTY THIS WAS MOSTLY BECAUSE OF YOU SO HA ok, just lastly thank you for supporting me all this time. thanks for everything ;; BTW THIS REALLY BADLY EDITED THING UP THERE, YEAH I MADE IT OK I WAS LAZY 
ok so les’ go onto the follow forever! yehet ohorat!!
mutuals: bolded
senpais: italics
luhars,wubulge, draqonz, dyorgasm, lulubaek, amieta, de-leux, taohnus, xiaohanlu, zelu, kaiffeines, kkio, luhanova,flawlesszitao,seoulmisfits, seuols, tea-lairs, kaiyomii, keimun, sehunetc, 
xi-aolu, shthun, baekchen, ohsehoon, sahun, huntory, hearteus, marktuahns, hypertone, sehunskin, melonhun, milklu, suhotness, milkyeoll, xeuna, suho, xehunter, sehuna, ohreos, jongin, baekaid-o, fy-exo, happyvirus, chanyeol, xoxodult, oh-luhans

thank you all adorable people for making my dashboard special ((idk tumblr says they never heard of some of the urls soo ;;)) (◑‿◐) not my fault lol, thank you all so so much and byee! p.s don’t be afraid to msg me! 
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doki doki (どきどき)
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10/? luhan's birthday countdown: D-4
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