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simple chanyeol graphic requested by anon

lazy days with exo members 7/12

tagged by kvungsoos  (sorry this is so late btw but thnks~)

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Anonymous inquires :can you please make a kaisoo edit ;~;

of course~ I shall put it on my requests~

Anonymous inquires :My first is Lu aka myungin ;; She's amazing and helped me a lot with basic stuff bc i'm not that good with ps and I'm starting only now to understand what lead to which effect, but this is also thanks to your tutorials. The first ever tutorial I found was Lu's and it was the one that convinced me to start editing for my own pleasure :) Do you have a favourite editor too?

omg yes myungin’s are the best, like wow I shouldn’t even be second compared to her, so many better editors out there OTL hmmm, i don’t really have a favorite exo editor but i really love tokki-teeths shinee edits! She uses so many textures and they all work beautifully. (and when i do it, it just looks like a mess lol)  but omg no my tutorials aren’t very good. I’m trying to figure out how to record my screen so that way my tutorials will make more sense but every time i try it i mess something up lol